Meet Harry…

We have a new addition to the family.

He enlisted yesterday and today we went to our favourite winter beach for windy strollage followed by ho-chos in the beach cafe.


ps Harry is the fox red lab. The sprolly is old guard Conker


A rather belated rainy sum-tober holiday. With added wind

It’s holiday time! We emptied the car of kiddies and kiddie related detritus and filled it instead with camping gear and surf boards. Woot woot!

Now, we know it’s October and that the weather isn’t really to be trusted but really we hadn’t expected it to cheat quite so much.

The campsite. Our little tent looked a little lost in-between these behemoths.

Porthcothan Bay…

To the pub!

Constantine Bay. A touch too choppy for surfing today. 36mph wind gusting at 48. Brrr

Back to Porthcothan for a pre-pub amble.

To Harlyn Bay 🙂

Turns out that surfing with a camera is rather trickier than I imagined. ho hum…


Followers of my blog and my facebook page will know of the farce that was our summer holiday – first in TEN WHOLE YEARS – got to the airport to find the travel company had folded. Doh!

Until we get the money back (8 weeks so far and had a letter today saying it’s likely to be another 6) we’re unlikely to be boarding a plane anytime soon.

So this is what we did instead. Three days of camping, rockpooling and other sunshiney Cornwall fun with friends. I should co-co! It was the nippers’ first time camping. I was scared. They LOVED it

The following four images are just one sunset. Awesomeness

He has a thing at the mo about needing to look dangerous in photos. Not sure why. It’s particularly odd when contrasted with his new desire to be called Tracey. In my mind I’m calling him (Dick) Tracey but I think that’s Mummy cheating

We’re going back next week minus nippers but with surf boards. Yes indeedy. It’s not Rhodes, no. It’s Cornwall. Can I really complain?

Huron at Bodmin Jail, Cornwall

We’ve been talking about it for an age but we were finally able to meet up at Bodmin Jail for a shoot.

Man, it’s dark in there. This is probably the time and place to get a bit philosophical and ruminative about the nature of incarceration and the need for mental and physical freedoms but this is my blog and that’s just not my bag.

There was a bar. They serve gin and tonic. I think I need add nothing more…

Sue rocks Mawgan Porth

Sue has no pictures of her in a fancy wedding dress as, for her big day, she grabbed her boy and a couple of witnesses and took a adopted a low key start to her married life. This has suited Sue and served the pair of them very well indeedy but, like most girls, there was still a little bit of Sue that longed for The Dress.

Happily, I’m here to service most photographic pecadilos thus , props in hand, we headed to the beach. Where else?

Have I mentioned recently how much I love you, Cornwall?


I’ll fess up -I’m really not a fan of mornings. As a perenial night-owl they’re really something I can do without.

Life being what it is, however, has decreed that I should see quite of few of these beastly things for the forseeable so there we are.

I’m not saying that 4am is necessarily a bad thing. I do, however, believe it should be approached with caution and from the otherside – ideally with a cocktail in hand.

So here we are. Ghastly things.

I’m the kinda gal who never leaves home without her camera. This has regretfully left me with a bad neck so I’ve tried to be good and leave most of the kit at home. I’m down to one body and lens. My neck is much better thankyouverymuch but my adorable little Italian handbag is looking extremely sorry for itself.

So I’m looking for a new solution. I’ll get there.


The irony if all of this is that I’m always in such a blasted rush I never get to use the bally camera in the morning. Everything I want to shoot I see whilst hurtling along some A road somewhere and apparently it’s really quite frowned upon to shoot whilst driving. Nope, not even with a camera. Who knew?


The other day I left extra early in the hope it would give me just a spot of time to stop and shoot. And it did.

My word, mornings are beautiful.